"Still Hot Even With Your A/C Blasting?
Sweating? Can't Sleep While Your A/C
Keeps Burning Your Hard-Earned Cash?"

Who else wants to be rescued from brutal summer heat? Your attic will never
ever get up to 150 degrees again, so the rooms below your attic will be cooler.

"Running an air conditioner without an attic fan is like
burning $100 bills in your barbecue" -Jet Fan Man



The National Bureau of Standards: "Attics can be 40° hotter than outside air."

ComEd: "Air conditioners don't have to run as often when it isn't fighting a hot attic."

The Home Ventilation Institute: "Studies show a savings of up to 30% with a powered attic fan."

Attic Spaces can get up to 150ºF! This heat can back-up into your rooms. Any home with an attic space (walk-in or crawl space), that is unheated in the winter, needs an attic fan to expel dollar-robbing heat collected during summer days.

Attic Fan mounts on the roof towards the back of the house. It fits in with the shingles and is water-proof. When the attic gets too hot it turns on automatically. When the attic gets cool enough, the fan automatically shuts off. It blows out super-hot attic air while drawing-in cooler air from outside.

Attic fans come in different sizes. Bigger is not necessarily better. Smaller fans use less power and still cover up to 2300 square feet of attic floor. Static vents for air intake are important. Jet Fan Installations always balances the system for air intake so that your attic fan will not rob already-cooled air from your house.










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