"Still Hot Even With Your A/C Blasting?
Sweating? Can't Sleep While Your A/C
Keeps Burning Your Hard-Earned Cash?"

Who else wants to be rescued from brutal summer heat? Your attic will never
ever get up to 150 degrees again, so the rooms below your attic will be cooler.

"Running an air conditioner without an attic fan is like
burning $100 bills in your barbecue" -Jet Fan Man


Jet Fan Installations
Whole House Fans

Cool Your House Without Air-Conditioning and Save!

A whole house fan draws outside air in through your screened windows and doors and blows it out through your attic. The result is a mild cooling breeze that can lower skin temperature by 2 to 8 degrees. Whole house fans are practical and affordable and provide natural air-conditioning. Whole house fans work well when outside temperature is below 82ºF (ie. during summer mornings and evenings). If you already have air-conditioning, a whole house fan can be used to thoroughly ventilate the house before the air-conditioning is turned on. This reduces air-conditioning operating time and costs.

Whole house fans are centrally located usually in a hallway. The fan itself is concealed by a ceiling grill that opens and closes automatically. The fan is controlled by a two speed switch and timer.

Jet Fan recommends getting the largest whole house fan that will fit in your hallway. On the slow-speed setting the fans are quiet but the larger fan will move more air. The location of the fan will vary depending upon the attic or roof structure above.

When installing a whole house fan remember that additional attic exhaust vents may be required. These vents may be louvered attic wall vents, soffit or eave vents, or roof vents. Also, Jet Fan recommends an attic fan to help exhaust whole house fan air, and when it's too hot and you decide to use air-conditioning, the attic fan will cut your cooling costs.










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