"Still Hot Even With Your A/C Blasting?
Sweating? Can't Sleep While Your A/C
Keeps Burning Your Hard-Earned Cash?"

Who else wants to be rescued from brutal summer heat? Your attic will never
ever get up to 150 degrees again, so the rooms below your attic will be cooler.

"Running an air conditioner without an attic fan is like
burning $100 bills in your barbecue" -Jet Fan Man


21 Reasons Why the JET FAN is better
  1. The housing is aluminum so it will never rust.
  2. The metal is 3 times thicker so wind won't blow it apart.
  3. All of the exposed bolts are stainless steel so they also will never rust.
  4. The screen is heaviest gauge expanded metal the stronger than any other attic fan screen
    while still allowing air to pass easily thru.
  5. The flashing or metal plate that fits into the roofs shingles in wider so even in strong
    wind water cannot be blown up under the flashing into your attic.
  6. The motor has a capacitor so it only uses extra power when the motor starts not the entire
    time the fan runs like cheap motors.
  7. The motor is American made and precision made so it's quieter and doesn't make the
    awful grinding /humming noise the cheap motors make and reverberates into your homes
    framing while you are trying to sleep.
  8. The motor will last 10 years or more even if you never oil it.
  9. You can oil the motor if you want.
  10. The only fan made with an option for an automatic oiler that could extend motor life to
    30 years or more without maintenance.
  11. The motor can be replaced from inside or from the roof whichever is easier.
  12. The cable that goes from the motor to the thermostat is longer (24") so you have more
    reach and more options when installing it and hooking up the power.
  13. The thermostat is a precision snap action automate switch that positively snaps to on and
    off positions in response to temperature in the attic. It doesn't waver on and off and it's
    more accurate so the installer can set it and you can forget about it.
  14. The higher quality available Jet Fan humidistat is optional so you don't have to buy it if
    your attic doesn't need it. Fans will run on for days during high humidity outside.
  15. The thermostat has a fire stat with it so if there's ever a fire in your house the fan won't
    come on and make matters worse like the cheap fans would.
  16. The motors twice as efficient as other motors and reliably moves more air per watt than
    any other fan. Uses ½ the energy of some other attic fans.
  17. The air flow of the fan has been tested by an independent laboratory so the stated air
    flows of the Jet Fans are known and not just wishful thinking or exaggerated claims.
  18. The pro-rated written warranty insures that you'll get your money's worth on a fan that
    will still be there, and still be worth installing a new motor in, 50 years from now.
  19. When you buy a Jet Fan you're keeping Americans working because it's 100% American
  20. You can prime and paint the aluminum housing and because it's aluminum it won't start
    rusting and make the paint flake off.
  21. The fans propeller type blade is made of heavier metal including a cast hub, heavy steel
    will roots and thick aluminum wings so it will not crack like the cheap fans that have a
    blade stamped out of a single piece of thin metal.










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