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Sweating? Can't Sleep While Your A/C
Keeps Burning Your Hard-Earned Cash?"

Who else wants to be rescued from brutal summer heat? Your attic will never
ever get up to 150 degrees again, so the rooms below your attic will be cooler.

"Running an air conditioner without an attic fan is like
burning $100 bills in your barbecue" -Jet Fan Man



"Get Your Worry-Free Jet Fan Installation Even If You've Had Problems With Other Contractors In The Past"

Attic Fans Installed By The Jet Fan Man

Are you tired of contractors who make you wait at home if they’re late on a beautiful golf day or worse don't show up at all? Are you worried about incompetent, lazy, disrespectful subcontractors who are loud, swearing in front of the kids, blaring annoying music & leaving a mess for you to clean up? Are you afraid that if something is wrong you will have to keep calling them back repeatedly to fix it? The Jet Fan Man is the true attic fan specialist in Naperville and all of Chicagoland. He will not show up and try to sell you on a bunch of other stuff.

Stop worrying! The Jet Fan Man will install the World's Best Attic Fan on your roof. Complete attic ventilation by the nationally acclaimed Jet Fan Man, trusted by thousands of satisfied Chicagoland homeowners since 1983.

Imagine sleeping better and saving money.

The Jet Fan Man is knowledgeable and trained for all attic fan installations. You can rest assured the Jet Fan Man will be helpful, courteous, and honest. On the day of your installation, if the Jet Fan Man is more than an hour early or late you will get a call as soon as possible to update the arrival time. Installations take around 1 to 3 hours from start to finish. Upon arrival the Jet Fan Man will check the number of existing attic vents. The floor below the attic access will be covered with a drop cloth to protect it from attic dust and insulation upon exiting the attic. The Jet Fan Man will set up a step ladder and look up in the attic to determine overall situation and pin point where the fan will be located on the roof and give you an estimate of the time required to complete the job. The Jet Fan Man will then set up a ladder to the roof and if the roof is really steep may use a ladder on the roof to climb to the peak where the fan will be installed.

The opening in the roof will be cut using an electric reciprocating saw. Nails around the opening will be carefully removed with a flat bar to avoid tearing the shingles. The top three fourths of the Jet Fans wider flashing will fit up under the shingles at the top and the bottom one fourth of the flashing will lie over the shingles at the bottom so rain water naturally runs right off. The fan flashing and the shingles will be nailed down with roofing nails and the nail heads will be caulked with special 100 percent silicone caulk. The Jet Fan Man then adds any vents if necessary. All of the installations on the roof are guaranteed not to leak for the life of the roof. The ladders, cords and equipment are then stowed back in our truck and the Jet Fan Man proceeds to the inside of the attic again.

The thermostat, firestat, and optional humidistat are installed and hooked up to a power source which is usually the box that holds the attic light. The Jet Fan is so efficient, no special circuit is required. The Jet Fan Man then adds a fuse and switch combination in its own electric box next to the attic light box so if you ever want to shut it off you can do so right by the attic light without having to climb through your attic. As a precautionary measure we install a 5 amp fuse to protect the fan, the wiring to it and the thermostat, firestat, and optional humidistat. The fuse only allows 5 amps to flow; which is safer than allowing the potential for the full amperage of the homes branch circuit to flow through the wiring, switches and attic fan motor. The fuse will normally never blow because the Jet Fan only uses 1.7 to 2.3 amps. After the hook up is complete the fan is tested and the thermostat and optional humidistat are set for 90 degrees F. and 75 percent relative humidity.

At this point the job is essentially done and the remaining equipment and tools are stowed and scraps disposed of and the receipt for payment and warranty are completed. Payment can be made by cash, check, money order, cashiers check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express or PayPal if you have internet available. Ask the Jet Fan Man for some referral coupons so your friends, neighbors or relatives can save on their Jet Fan Installations. You can get a $20.00 rebate check each time one of them use a coupon with your name on it.

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We only install our fans in the Chicago and Suburban Areas.
If you are outside of the Chicago area, you can still buy the fan.
Get Dependable Certified Jet Fan Attic Fan Installation Service:
Fast, Clean, with a Start Time within a Two Hour Window.

For a Guaranteed, No-Obligation Quote, CALL 630-834-9165. Maybe you have been meaning to get this done for years; well there is no better way to make sure that we can fit you in our limited schedule this year than by CALLING RIGHT NOW:
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Leave your name, phone number, and best time for a Jet Fan estimator to contact you. We will begin trying to contact you within 48 hours. The estimator will need to ask you some easy questions about your home and will provide any additional information, and schedule installation. Installations are performed Monday through Saturday during daylight hours. Cash, Check, Money Order, Cashiers Check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express or PayPal Accepted.
Installation Service Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What area does Jet Fan Installations cover?
A.        Jet Fan Installations covers Chicago and suburbs. A large percentage of our work is in the Naperville area with special trips as far as Lansing, Frankfort, New Lenox, Joliet, Yorkville, Plainfield, Elburn, Woodstock, Round Lake and Gurnee.
Q. When can the work be done?
A.        Installations are performed Monday through Saturday during daylight hours.

Q. Will I be subject to a high pressure sales pitch if and when I call?
A.        Absolutely not! We do not like it when we are treated like that and we will not do it to you. When you first call you will probably get into our easy telephone voice mail system. Leave your name and number, the best times for us to call and any details. An estimator will call you back within 48 hours.

Q. What do I need to tell the estimator?
A.        The estimator will have some easy questions about your house like: How old is it? Where is it located? How big is the attic? ( The length times the width of the attic in feet; the height does not matter because heat rises. ) How steep is the roof? ( Can someone walk on it or will they slide down? ) Does the roof have regular asphalt shingles, cedar shake, slate or clay tile? Is there an access (scuttle) or trap door in the ceiling or wall that goes into the attic? Is there a pull chain light in the attic? It is okay if you do not know all the answers, but the more you know the more exact we can be with the price we quote. The estimator will also answer questions, provide any additional information, and schedule installation. If there are any discrepancies the Jet Fan Man will discuss them with you before we start work.

Q. My house is completely different than any other house on earth; will you come out and look at my house just to see if the attic fan will help?
A.        Honestly, after over 25 years of doing this, there really is not too much that surprises us anymore; but we can come out, especially if you are considering a more complex whole house fan installation. For an attic fan there is usually no reason to come out first. If the attic fan will not help your situation; the Jet Fan Man will tell you so when he comes to do the work. He also may have other ideas for you if an attic fan is not appropriate. Read the following question and answer about required conditions for attic fans.

Q. What structural conditions in my home are necessary for an attic fan to work right and help my situation?
A.        The following four normal conditions must be in place for the attic fan to work properly and help:

  1. There must be an unfinished, un-heated attic crawl space above your ceiling or behind the walls of your heated and air-conditioned rooms.
  2. The attic space is, or can be vented, to the outside through attic wall vents, roof vents, roof ridge vents or through the eaves, overhang, or soffit vents. For example: if your roof is made with clay tile or the attic walls are brick without any vents or windows, or there are not any overhangs or eaves. These conditions definitely drive the installation cost up and we would consider coming out to the house first to give an estimate.
  3. Most homes have air conditioning, and the attic air is substantially separated from the house air. In very rare circumstances, there may be gaps allowing house air to flow into the attic. These gaps may be in the form of missing access doors or whole house fan shutters that are missing or broken or just plain holes in the ceiling or walls that separate rooms from attic space. Walls and ceilings should be somewhat airtight and insulated whether you have an attic fan installed or not. Your room’s walls and ceilings should not have holes and should be insulated and the attic access doors and ceiling scuttle panels should be somewhat airtight. Otherwise during winter, heat and humidity from the house can rise up into the cold attic spaces. You will not only lose heat but the heat and humidity flowing into the attic will create dampness and frost on the wood framing of the house and eventually cause mold and rot. Also, during summer your air conditioned house air could escape or be sucked into the attic by the attic fan if there are holes in your ceiling or walls or missing access panels. These are unusual circumstances which should be corrected for the attic fan to help you cool your rooms efficiently. Minor leaks through light fixtures or wall outlets will not impact your cooling bill and could provide a little exhaust of stale air by making room for a little fresh air from outside like a bathroom fan or fresh air exchanger is intended to do. Of course any such leakage can and should be minimized by keeping your homes doors, windows and chimney flues closed while using air-conditioning. For houses that do not have enough venting to the outside from the attic; the addition of more attic vents to the outside will minimize overall suction in the attic and thereby minimize drawing air from the rooms and maximize airflow from outside through your attic, right where you need it. Jet Fan includes up to four roof vents with the installation if you need them to minimize attic suction and provide maximum air intake and cross flow from outside into the attic and not from outside into the rooms of your home.
  4. The attic fan will save you money when you use central or window air-conditioning because now your thermostat will not need to run the air conditioning as much. Without a Jet Fan, cooling could cost up to 50% more. On really hot days when your air-conditioning can not normally keep up, the rooms will be cooler, because the cooling load from what would be a super hot attic is removed. Of course, an attic fan will not save you money if you do not have air-conditioning, but it will make the rooms cooler by cooling the attic to outside air temperature thereby keeping room temperatures from soaring up above outside air temperatures. With an attic fan your attic temperature will never get up to 150 degrees again.

Q. What if it rains?
A.        Spring and summer rains usually start and stop a lot. We just plan on arriving as close to appointment time as usual and if it is actually raining hard when we get there, we will do the inside work first, if it does not stop while we are waiting, we may have to reschedule the outside portion of the work. Safety is of utmost importance to the Jet Fan Man and we will determine if we can proceed in less than ideal weather, but usually a little sporadic light rain will not stop us unless the roof is extremely steep or there is lightning. Snow and ice on the roof may also make our work unsafe and thereby indicate the scheduling of a return date.

Q. What about service under the Jet Fan Warranty?
A.        The service remains the same. When you call, we will try to help you determine if there really is something wrong with your Jet Fan, because problems are very rare. If you decide there is something wrong, we will send the Jet Fan Man to check it out. If there is nothing wrong with your Jet Fan when we arrive to repair it, there may be a small show up fee to cover fuel and service. Under the Jet Fan warranty you do not have to pay anything for any repairs needed and made the Jet Fan Man within the first two years after Jet Fan installed it for you. Any repairs or replacements after that are pro-rated according to the written warranty you received at the time of installation. If you think there is something wrong with your Jet Fan, you can shut it off with the switch we install on original attic fan installations. The switch is usually next to your attic light fixture. If your Jet Fan was installed by us as a replacement to an attic fan you already had installed previously by others; there may not be a switch because other attic fan installers seldom provide a switch.










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